My longest hobby is letter writing. I started to write my first letter, when I was around 10 years old and I'm still in contact with my first penpal Nadine.

Then I got some pals from a club called IPF. You asked for pals from countries, that you want, and they sent you the addys. Sadly this had to be paid. I had pals from Jamaica, Canada, UK, Australia, Togo,... But when I was 16 I stopped writing to a lot of pals.

But then I had internet and found out that it is so easy to get new pals these days and I don't have to pay for it. I had a lot of time as I was home with Fynn, so I started penpalling again in 2003. I have around 20 pals now from most parts of the world (Austria, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, USA). But I'm often looking for new pals.

And I'm swapping slams now. Slams, those are little booklets, that have questions inside, that you can answer. If you answered them, you have to pass them on to another swapper. This goes until the booklet is full and can be send home to the owner. I swapped a lot of things during the years. Fbs, which I still like, but as I didn't make them anymore, it makes no sense to swap them. I still remind my first fb, which was so adorable (it was a nice and neat fb), I couldn't stop watching at it. Then I swapped decos for 6 years. That was a great time, but it took so much time and effort, that I had to stop this great hobby. :( But I stayed in the swapping world and enjoy these slams now.

On this site I'd like to update, which letters and swaps I got, and to whom I have to write a letter. So here we go:

Letters to:





Swaps to:


And I'm always looking for new pals and swapper:

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